泰达 — 综合型一站式商业地面材料供应商。自2007年成立以来,泰达一直致力于为客户提供各种优质地面材料,可全方位满足客户空间的个性设计所需的地面材料。

TAIDA — An integrated one-stop flooring materials supplier. Since 2007 we've been providing a rich variety of high quality flooring products, and meeting client’s individual requirement designs of the flooring materials.



  • 泰达于深圳成立.

    TAIDA was founded in Shenzhen in 2007

  • 泰达主营建材产品销往全国市场,并在全国范围建立了数十个团队,在市场上崭露头角;同时确定了方向,聚焦发展地面材料业务.

    In 2010, TAIDA's main product -- building materials were sold to the national market, and dozens of teams were set up nationwide, which made its mark in the market. At the same time determining the direction, focusing on the business of developing flooring materials.

  • 泰达取得了多个进口地面材料品牌代理权如TOLI、AL STONE、Esta parket、Berry Alloc、Wineo等.

    TAIDA has gained proxy from a number of imported flooring material brands such as : TOLI、AL STONE、Esta parket、Berry Alloc、Wineo and so on.

  • 泰达凭借精致的产品与优异的服务,成功与沃尔沃、奔驰、工商银行、深圳“回”酒店等客户建立了长期合作.

    From 2012 to 2017, TAIDA successfully established long-term cooperation with Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Shenzhen "Hui" Hotel and other customers with its exquisite products and excellent service.

  • 泰达成立了自有品牌TOPDOM®地面材料,先后服务了工商银行、深圳宝安机场、深圳万象城、深圳金茂府等项目.

    From 2018 to 2019, TAIDA established its own brand (TOPDOM®), and has provided it's services for some enterprises such as Industrial and Commercial Bank, Shenzhen Baoan Airport, Shenzhen Mixc city, Shenzhen Jinmao Mansion and many more.



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